Cyprus has become one of the leading financial and commercial International Business Companies (IBC) centres in the world as it has already attracted more than 100,000 International Business Companies. The continuous growth of IBC activity results from the combination of generous tax concessions and the existence of an extensive and ever expanding network of Double Tax treaties. Furthermore, the geographical location of Cyprus as a business hub for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia along with the high European-level standard of living as well as the high quality services and communications offered are extra attributes why so many companies base their operations in Cyprus.

ZERVOS & CO LIMITED has been serving International Business Companies ever since its formation, therefore, allowing its personnel to gain a tremendous amount of expertise for dealing with the requirements and needs of such companies. Advising at the initial stage, ZERVOS & CO LIMITED determines the appropriate type of business to be formed. An International Business Company can be established in three forms. A limited liability company, a public company and an international branch of foreign corporation. From there on, the firm will provide assistance with entity registration, through associate professionals. If the specific IBC wants a physical presence, then the firm will assist it with obtaining residence and employment permits for its expatriate personnel. The firm will also help the IBC to find appropriate office location and recruit employees. In addition, the firm will assist the IBC with its daily operations as well as with a wide range of financial and managerial advice.

Zervos & Co Limited is a well organised firm which provides professional services to businesses which include assurance, taxation and advisory services.
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